Picasso Digital 11 with about 100 new features

Picasso Digital 11 is expected to be released around Christmas/new years 2021 and contains a whole array of new functions and features:

  • A range of new clever register features   
  • All new Roomtypes – now called Rates
  • Picasso Digital now also recieves email and mobile numbers from guests from GDS/OTA– Via Mona Tablet Registration
  • New 2-way integration to MailChimp

News from Mona

  • New system where guests can fill out registry from their own mobile phone before or during check-in
  • Mona tracks authorisations and email guest and hotel if an authorisation is not approved
  • New “Guest Shopper” app for the guest to order food and beverages on their mobile phone  
  • Many hotels are now installing Mona to save labor


  • New 3 months availability- and price calendar. 
  • GDPR link for guests for easy change of privacy settings
  • Online takeaway system – Guest shopper

YP Intelligence / Yield Planet

  • YP can now integrate directly to Google Hotel ads
  • We are developing the option for YP to set prices directly in Picasso Digital