• Joachim is leaving AK Techotel as well as the hotel industry all together
  • Pia Bigum is returning to work at AK Techotel

We say a fond goodbye to our consultant Joachim, who has been looking for new opportunities outside the hotel industry, and welcome home to an old acquaintance.

Pia Bigum is back in the fold at AK Techotel as a Picasso Digital consultant.

Pia has many years of experience both from work in the hotel industry but also as a highly competent Picasso Digital teacher and consultant for AK Techotel.


On Saturday the 6th of November we are installing 5 new fast terminal servers, which will increase the speed of an estimated 500 Picasso workstations.

Tec Hybrid Cloud now has the hotels’ backup located in three different locations in Azure Cloud.