Do you need help with GDPR?

Keep your guestbook. Get ready for the new EU data directive.

The EU Personal Data Regulation, referred to as GDPR, has become a reality on the 25th May 2018.

- What does this mean for you?

In short: In simple terms the new legislation requires that guests who are in your guest book must have given written consent to have their personal data stored. Guests who have not given written consent must be deleted or made anonymous in the guest book and reservation list.

Violation of the law can result in fines of up to 20 million EUR or 4% of the company's revenue (source: )

Techotel has developed features to address the parts of the new legislation regarding Picasso. Picasso makes it easier for you to register your guests' consent, as well as to automatically make guests who have not given consent anonymous.

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make it easy for yourself

The challenges posed by GDPR are an obstacle that every business must navigate. You have two options to choose from when preparing for GDPR.

GDPR Standard or GDPR Digital.

GDPR Standard is a manual update of your customers' consent to various forms of data management on your part. Picasso provides the tools you need for this, but you will be responsible for the work and the management of your guests' consent.

GDPR Digital
is a purchase solution for Picasso. If you order GDPR Digital with us, your guests will be sent an email from Picasso with a link to their personal consent management page. The guest will also be able to enter their email address on your website to receive an email with the personal consent link.
The guest can then decide which permissions they will give you; for example, saving data, sending newsletters or passing on data to your partners.

Please note that ‘partners’ in this context are also Channel Managers or Rate managers such as YP Intelligence / Yield Planet, BookingSuite and others.

GDPR Digital therefore saves you time and resources as the task of maintaining consent is transferred directly to the guests. You can therefore focus on the most important thing - Your guests!

Call us if you have any queries about which solution is right for you.

Read more about the practical implementation of the GDPR solution in Picasso on this page