Now that GDPR has come into effect and you have undertaken all the initial actions regarding guest consent, compliance with GDPR must be incorporated into daily operation.

GDPR operation within Picasso starts when you activate the anonymisation of your guests, i.e. when making sure that all past guests who have not given consent have been made anonymous AND all future guests who do not give their consent within a predetermined time limit will be anonymised. This will be done in the new GDPR section of Hotel Setup once you have finished collecting consent.

Open -> Hotelsetup -> Basic -> GDPR.


Here the anonymisation function is activated. When anonymisation is enabled, Picasso will begin to anonymise personal data during the night audit. Note that anonymous guest data cannot be recovered !!!


going forward

When the anonymisation is enabled the following will come into effect: When a guest makes a reservation, whether it's an online booking or the reservation is created in Picasso, Picasso automatically sends a GDPR mail to the guest. The email contains the text from Picasso Hotelsetup -> Basic -> Emails. You will also be able to choose when this email will be sent automatically, e.g. the day after the booking, 1 day before arrival, etc.


setupmail en


The email contains a link to the guest's personal 'consent page'. Here the guest can commit to keeping their personal data in the guest database. Only if consent is given can personal data be retained in Picasso.

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