smartup TV 
With the new Smartuptv box for your hotel TV you can give your guests access to all Android apps on the internet..
You can add or remove a selection of apps on your own My Smartup admin page to control which apps you want your customers to have access to on their room TV.

Individual settings per. TV
Add more value to the individual rooms by implementing a Smartup box .
The Smartup box is easily installed on the back of your TV. It is suitable for all TVs provided by Techotel during recent years.
You can now choose which apps this TV will have to access to. In this way you create value for your guests.

Use Smartuptv for advertising 

With the Smartup system you are able to produce simple apps that represent your hotel and use these for advertising and information purposes..
On your own My Smartup administration page, you can easily make apps that represent the hotel, restaurant, leisure etc. free of charge.
You can also use the system to send out information or welcome greetings to all rooms or to individual TVs.

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