With Picasso's integration to WIHP and Google Hotel Ads it is now possible for you to promote your online prices and sell rooms, directly through a customer's internet search. Utilising this feature will save you the commission fee charged by booking channels.


Visibility on the various search engines and meta search engines is an obvious necessity for hotels in this day and age. But equally important to many hotels is minimising the cost of online sales channels.

These points have been addressed by our new integration with WIHP and Google Ads

With it, you can access a wide range of search and meta search engines, for example
- Google Hotel Ads
- Tripadvisor
- Trivago

An example of a Tripadvisor search (below)

hows the price obtained from your Picasso at the top of the list.
The guest can book via this button, meaning you avoid the booking channel commission that you would otherwise have paid. Instead you pay the pay-per-click (PPC) price to the given platform. The amount varies per platform but is generally much cheaper. According to WIHP the global average PPC cost is €0.96.

WIHP tripadviser

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A Google search for 'hotel' and 'copenhagen'.
In the left column your online direct booking site will be displayed as the best price.