Display your rooms on Picasso Online Mobile booking, designed to use with smartphone or tablet, and bring in the customers who book their accommodation on the move.

Online Booking on the move
Like many other areas of business, the hotel business is influenced by the technological development and a fast increasing number of smartphone- and tablet users, and accomodation booking as well as internet shopping via mobile units is growing fast.

Mobile site vs. mobile app
Picasso Mobile booking is basically a website, that is optimized for smartphones og tablets, and offer booking and payment of hotel rooms.
As opposed to an app, which is a small program the user acquires for free or buys, and then download to their mobile phone or tablet, a mobile site is quick to access via links or via the browser on the unit.
For example, you can add a script to your website who detects if a mobile phone or tablet is trying to access the page, and if it is, send them directly to the mobile version of the booking page, while normal pc/mac users remain on the regular booking page.

Full integration with Picasso
Picasso Mobile uses the texts and pictures who is already mapped to your rooms and products in Picasso, and stores booking and customer data in Picasso.
Just like on the normal online booking page, you can use customer login to preserve particular products and prices for specific customer groups.
Picasso Mobile is multi-lingual english/swedish/danish.
Picasso Mobile both works for single hotels and chains of multiple hotels.
Via stylesheets we can make your Mobile Booking site match the design of your general homepage.

Email us at
techotel@techotel.ie if you want to know more about Picasso Mobile Booking.