A comprehensive tool for detailed graphical sales statistics, guest database and marketing.

Picasso Pro includes an integrated  Customer Relationship Management.system – CRM.

Each time you create a reservation in Picasso you will also create the customer and his details in the CRM-system in Picasso. You will reach, over time, a comprehensive customer database.

By dragging a customer’s name into the calendar, you will see the ToDo list associated with this client and further appointments with this customer.

Extraction of customer data
To get the full benefit of your customer database, your data has to present in a clear and manageable way. You are able to choose between a wide range of extraction criteria and get get exactly the information you want.

If you want to contact the selected customers, you can merge contact information in Word, design labels or batch mail via Outlook and Exel.

You can also extract the top 20 lists of guests, companies and agencies sorted by different criteria.

The Picasso CRM section also contains a full ‘Market Information System’ – MIS.

The system each night calculates the value of all the hotel’s reservations and presents the result graphically, in financial terms, nights and people.

MIS shows well in advance how the period is shaping up.
Please email us at techotel@techotel.ie if you want to hear more about Picasso CRM/MIS