Let Picasso do the job when you are busy

Picassos digital reports module offers a multitude of possibilities to create statistics and lists in the design of your choice as well as several options in automatic distribution of your reports.

Digital reports options

  • Choose your own design of your reports and save your design settings for next time
  • Select the frequency with which your reports needs distributing. Every day, week, month or on selected days
  • Select distribution method. Have the report printet, emailed or uploaded to an ftp server
  • Choose file format, either pdf, html or excel

Picasso reports module in general

Picasso is filled with data from customers, bookings ect. that can be compined to an endless number of purposes. The reports module is where you extract this data.

Report examples

  • Arrival- cleaning- and departure lists
  • Occupancy statistics in numbers and graphics
  • Market reports
  • Sales reports
  • Price statistics
  • Deposit and commission lists
  • Complete week plan of events
  • Function Sheets/Arrangement Reports/Kitchen Lists
  • Cleaning and maintenance lists
  • To do lists for different departments and employees

More on Techotel Picasso

Picasso is a complete management system for hotels, inns, hostels, restaurants, conference centers, hostels and more.

With Picasso, you can:

  • Manage your bookings in an easy and organised manner
  • Create and automate your own price/yield strategy
  • Use the CRM system to create resale and positive customer relations
  • Sell your products on your website with our online booking
  • Print reports and lists of almost anything
  • See statistics of your occupancy vs. earnings
  • Integrate and manage your use of the channels

Picasso is continuously being developed further in cooperation with our customers. Partly based on the responce from our annual user meetings where we answer questions and get feedback from users.

Picasso offers 24 hour support and skilled consultants with hotel backgrounds who can guide you and teach you the optimal use of the system.

Picasso news:

  • New Mobile booking
  • New Mobile Check-out
  • New Online booking
  • New digital guest book
  • Picasso is now integrated with Revinate; world’s most widely used digital marketing platform
  • MIS is continuously updated over the day
  • New 2-way interface to YP Intelligence CM with different operating scenarios
  • Our hosting center expanded strongly again in October 2016. Safer and faster
  • Piccoline Cleaning and Maintenence app integrated with Picasso


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Country manager
tel. +(353) 09622907