Picasso Online Gold+ is Techotel’s latest online booking product. With a new design and new promotional features, the Online booking Gold+ make us the market leader in the field of booking and payment of accomodation online. 

Why Online booking?
Most Danish hotels and resorts spend fortunes on selling their rooms/residence by other channels then their own. Most have realized that offering online booking on the hotel’s own website will minimize this cost

Do you already have Picassoonline Bronze or Silver, you can upgrade to Gold+ .

Picasso Online Gold+ focuses on advertising functions in the booking process.
In contrast to before the entire search result with both package products and rooms is displayed on one result page to give the customer a complete overview of their options. There is an increased focus on bundled products where house/room, time period, discounts and purchases is combined into a total product. 

Picasso Online Gold+ also shows other available rooms that are well-matched with this stay. Each room is also presented with both pictures and description and price. Information and pictures opens in a popup, to not divert the customer from the purchasing process.

Are you the owner of a Domino solution with several hotels in a chain, Picasso Online Gold+ allows the customer to search across all hotels. So even if there are no rooms available at one hotel, perhaps there will be in another hotel. Read more about the Domino solution here.

With Picasso online Gold+ you can divide your products into product types – eg. Family stays, wellness stays, etc. which contributes to the simplicity of the system.

Please email us at techotel@techotel.ie if you want to hear more about Picasso Online Booking Gold+