Let the reception staff knock off work early with the Check in VIP terminal. The terminal can both accept payments online and print out a key card for the guest.

Hotel guests generally want a personalized and qualified service. It is therefore essential for the hotel to allocate staffing optimally to satisfy this demand. At the same time guests often also desire the flexibility of being able to arrive later for a reservation.

In relation with this a VIP terminal could be the perfect solution. In times where the guest activity will not support staffing the Vip Terminal makes sure the guests can still check in and get a key card to their room.

Room booking is also possible on the Terminal. The terminal features online credit card payment and customer- and booking data is saved directly into Picasso. 

Techotel carry both hardware and software, so send us an email if you would like to know if a VIP check in terminal could be benificial for your hotel.

Send an email to techotel@techotel.ie