Whether it’s bowling, tennis, climbing, hiking, or anything else you would like to offer your guests, you can use this module. Let your guests book available courses and appointments online and let all bookings and guests information be stored in Picasso.

If you want to offer online access to making apointments on any number of courses/lanes/tracks, regardless of the activity, this module can be of big help in making the courses available for booking online and managing your bookings as they come in.

One way to add value to the customer’s stay could be to include a hyperlink to the course booking page within the confirmation email recived by your guests, giving them the opportunity to book ahead at the hotel’s mini-golf, book a conference ect.

Adjusting to your needs
The Course booking module has a number of settings that adjust to your needs:
You can choose the number of Courses
Number of time openings available
How much time must elapse between these intervals
How many players/users are allowed to book a particular track/appointment
The sale of additional services
Online payment

The user interface of the booking module can be designed to match your own website.

Please email us at techotel@techotel.ie if you want to hear more about Picasso online Course Booking.