A great tool for holiday centers to administer holiday homes owned by private individuals. The module allows the owners to book their own houses online within the agreed restrictions.

There are a lot of benefits in collaboration between holiday centers and private owners in the market of summer residences.

Private individuals invest in a summer residence belonging to a larger resort, becoming its owner. They stay in the house an agreed period every year and rent out the place for the rest of the year, recieving an income from the lease.
The holiday resort deal in turn with the practical operation, administration and especially rental housing. For these tasks, for the holiday center is payed firstly the purchase price of the home, and secondly an agreed part of the rental income.

The owners book their own houses
In order to ease administration of the owners booking own houses, we have automated the whole thing in Picasso Online Ownerbooking. The restrictions of e.g. arrival date or stay duration is set up in Picasso.
The owner receives a login which allows him online access to rent only his own house within the agreed restrictions, and for free.

Everything interacts with Picasso
The holiday resort can see the booking in Picasso and the house is automatically locked for other tenants in the given period. 
Via CSS styling, you have the opportunity to have the online owner booking user interface designed to match your general website. 

Please email us at techotel@techotel.ie if you want to hear more about Picasso Online Owner Booking.