Allows your guests to book a table at the restaurant on your website. The Booking and the guests information will be stored in Picasso

Make it easy for potential guests to become actual guests, by allowing them to book their table in the restaurant directly from your website.
A number of features in Picasso allows you to tailor your online table booking to achieve the best distribution of both guests and capacity.

Options in Picasso:

  • How many tables must be available for online booking and over what period
  • How the distribution of guests should be on these tables
  • How long the table is occupied when booked
  • How many minutes between arrivals
  • How far ahead the guest can book a table
  • How many guests can arrive within a specified period.
    – and much more…

The user interface of the booking module (the one that the guest sees) will appear on your own website, and can be designed so that it appears as a part of the page.

Please email us at techotel@techotel.ie if you want to hear more about Picasso Online Table Booking.