Restaurant cash system with small-scale inventory management, table booking and customer database. 

Appetite is integrated in the Techotel Picasso hotel management system. 

Uniquely innovative!
Built-in table booking, invoicing, E-mail, ToDo Calendar and customer database. Appetite also contains inventory management for packaged products as well as a number of statistics for sales and profits. Operated by touch screen, waterproof keyboard, normal PC keyboard or mouse. Appetite is integrated with the Techotel Picasso Hotel System. 

Integrated ToDo Calendar turns Techotel Picasso into a complete management system for the entire business and is intuitive and straightforward to work with. The functions are always right at your fingertips where you need them to be.

Cash management 
You can retrieve customers and invoices directly from the customer database and transfer them to Concorde, Azapta or Navision. 
You can freely select the design of the invoices, as well as the size and type of paper.

ToDo- kalender
ToDo eliminates all those little pieces of sticky yellow paper from your workplace.
ToDo is a calendar integrated with Techotel Picasso, which keeps track of your reservations, customers, suppliers and personnel, as well as your personal tasks. 

ToDo sends messages internally within the business. Every employee has their own calendar. For example, a receptionist can send a message to you. You will see it immediately when you open your ToDo Calendar in Techotel Picasso.
ToDo is your internal communications system, just like Outlook is the external one.

Techotel Picasso is built around Microsoft standards such as:   

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Windows 10
  • MS SQL Server ver. 2008, 2012, 2016
  • MS terminalserver 2008, 2012, 2016  

The above are registered trademarks of Microsoft

Please email Techotel@techotel.ie, if you want more information about Picasso Appetite