Booking and sales calendar for smaller hotels and inns

You will experience how quick, easy and convenient it is to book rooms, conference rooms, send confirmations, etc.

Room Booking
Techotel Picasso is intuitive easy to work with. Select the date on the calendar, and select with your mouse the days for which you wish to reserve the room by dragging your selection over the room types/room numbers and the reservation is created.
Techotel Picasso sends the confirmation via Word or Outlook. It merges the customer’s address into the confirmation, prints and archives it.

Select a date on the calendar, and Techotel Picasso changes all the overviews in the system to this date. See the names of the guests, and how long they will be staying, on the current overviews. Drag the reservation to the selected date on the calendar, and Picasso will change the arrival or departure date. The colours indicate whether the reservation for the room has the status of confirmed, arrived or departing.

Conference Room Booking
InTechotel Picasso booking meetings is a piece of cake. You always have a calendar at your fingertips.
You book catering just as easy via predefined packages/products, or by direct entry, for example ‘night-time snacks’. 

Techotel Picasso provides an overview of how much AV equipment is available before you book it. Select the date, drag it over the schedule for the conference room, and the reservation is created.
The conference room schedule is divided up into minutes/hours. 

Techotel Picasso offer a number of reports: 

  • Arrival, cleaning and departure lists
  • Occupancy statistics and nation-wide statistics
  • Deposit and commission lists
  • A complete weekly schedule of events
  • Well-defined waiter/waitress and kitchen lists
  • Cleaning and deficiency lists, etc.

You select a report with a click of the mouse, and drag it over a date on the calendar. Techotel Picasso displays the report for the selected date on the screen, prints it out or sends it via Outlook.

How to increase your earnings?   
By getting more out of your time

Some examples from Techotel Picasso:

  • Direct merge from the customer database to Word, for printing sales letters
  • Management of variable prices
  • Automatic creation of new customers in the database when booking

How to increase job satisfaction?
By working intuitively

Some examples from Techotel Picasso:

  • The functions are always at your fingertips, just where you need them
  • Confirmations are filled in automatically from the reservation, directly in Outlook and Word, with a click of the mouse
  • Easy to understand requisitions and billings are printed out automatically

Technical data
Techotel Picasso is build for Microsoft standards such as:   

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Windows 10
  • MS SQL Server ver. 2008, 2012, 2016
  • MS terminalserver ver. 2008, 2012, 2016  

The above mentioned are registered trademarks to Microsoft.
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