Professional management system for all employees in the hotel and restaurant. The integrated ‘ToDo’ calendar makes Techotel Picasso a total management solution for your business.

Room booking
Techotel Picasso is intuitive and ready to work with. Select the date required  on the calendar, drag over the room type or room number the days you want the room reserved for and the reservation is made.Techotel Picasso can send confirmation via Word or Outlook, merging the customer’s address in, print and save the confirmation.

Select a date on the calendar and Techotel Picasso will change all the listings in the system for that date. Look at the current listings guests’ names and how long they are booked in for. If you want to change the arrival and departure date, simply pull the reservation for the selected date into the calendar. The chart colours indicate if the reservation is confirmed, or if the guest is arriving or departing.

Halls Booking
Techotel Picasso makes it easy to book meetings. There is always a calendar available.

Booking of catering is simple and straightforward via predefined packages / products or by typing directly into the field. 
Techotel Picasso shows an overview of how much AV equipment is available before you book it. Select the date, drag over the local plan and the reservation is made.

Appetite register
Appetite is a restaurant and reception system withtable booking, email, ToDo – Follow-up calendar, and customer database.
A non-traditional restaurant system, that you can learn to operate in 10 minutes.
Appetite contains inventory of finished goods as well as a number of sales and profit statistics. Appetite has an unlimited number of products and PLU numbers.
Appetite is operated using Touch screen, ordinary PC keyboard or mouse.
You can choose your own design on bills, invoices and receipts. 

Techotel Picasso offers a wide selection of reports:  

  • Arrival, cleaning and departure lists
  • Statistics
  • Deposit and commission lists
  • A complete weekly schedule of events
  • Waiters and kitchen lists
  • Cleaning and punch lists, etc..

You choose a report with a mouse click, drag it over a date on the calendar. Techotel Picasso allows you to see the report for the selected date on the screen, print it out or send it via email.  

MIS / CRM     
Picasso MIS Market Information System counts the value of all reservations and presents it graphically. MIS tells you in advance way how the season is looking.

Picasso CRM Customer Relationship Management provides a detailed customer database. You have the opportunity to choose among many different parameters for extraction. If you wish to contact a selection of clients you can extract the addresses directly into Word or Outlook. P You can also extract Top 20 lists created and sorted by mulitiple different parameters.

By dragging a customer’s name to the calendar, you will see on the ‘ToDo’ what has been agreed with the customer, and time for your next meeting.

The ‘ToDo’ calendar clears your desk and eliminates the need for the chaos of a million post-it notes.
‘ToDo’ is an integrated calendar in Techotel Picasso.  It keeps track of your reservations, customers, suppliers, staff and personal tasks.

‘ToDo’ sends messages internally within the hotel. Each employee has his own calendar. For example, type a message to the director and “ToDo” shows the message immediately on the directors “ToDo” calendar in Techotel Picasso.
“ToDo” is your internal communication system where as Outlook is your external.

How to increase profits?
Through being economically efficient!

Some examples from Techotel Picasso:

  • Yield Management to optimize room rates
  • Sales Follow-up System with direct merges to Word
  • Online Booking with good prices
  • Invoice, Environment and cancellation fee

How to achive greater job satisfaction?

By working intuitively!

Some examples from Techotel Picasso:

  • Functions are always at hand when you need them
  • Confirmation and sales letters implemented into Outlook, Word or Excel with one click
  • Clear and maneables lists, records and bills

Techotel Picasso is built around Microsoft standards such as:   

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Windows 10
  • MS SQL Server ver. 2008, 2012, 2016
  • MS terminalserver ver. 2008, 2012, 2016  

The above are registered trademarks of Microsoft  

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Please email Techotel@techotel.ie, if you want more information about Picasso Pro 

Picasso is also available in a LIGHT version for Guesthouses, Bed and Breakfasts and smaller hotels,
and a DOMINO version for hotel chains