– but a complete package of service, support and training

It’s important for us that you enjoy the experience of using Picasso, and you can only do so by making full use all of the possibilities.

Techotel Positive Service
We are committed to always provide a positive, fast and efficient service to our customers. Always be polite, positive and helpful. We work with an internal monitoring system in order to ensure that our customers always have a positive experience when contacting us.

Techotel Positive Service is a well-known concept among our customers.


Our support is always open. Outside normal office hours, you get the number of a hotline where emergency calls are answered 24 hours a day/365 days a year
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Our consultants provide a thorough and competent training course with one or more key people among you, who in turn teaches the rest of the staff. 
Tuition can take place at your preferred location
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Techotel is able to provide a hosted solution via Cloud technology, through our own modern hosting facility. This has a large capacity where safety is paramount. We are also able to offer an internal server solution should you prefer to use this option.
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We rent and sell lots of useful hardware for the hotel industry. Kiosks and handheld tablets to name but a few
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