Which option suits you best?

Even the best software will dependent on the right hosting and hardware solution. We understand and appreciate that there must be sufficient capacity to run the software, or you will not get the desired performance.

Own server or Techotel server?
Picasso is a software system that is centrally located on Techotels servers.
All hotels who purchase or rent usage of Picasso has the choice to either save their individual data – ie. settings, text and files on their own server, or on our servers.

In-house server
If you already have your own server and want to use this to host Picasso this is possible. You then have the responsibility for hosting issues.
Please make sure the server has the required settings – check with us first!

A safe solution

The latest solutions
Techotel regularly replace our hardware with the newest editions , so we have the latest technology and protection against virus.


A team of experts
Our hardware department consists of people trained in system administration. Therefore, they can quickly identify errors or additional needs in our hosting department.


The best security
Techotels server has an uptime of 99%. We regularly take backups in case something goes wrong, and we have additional servers standing by – just waiting to step in if they are needed.

Please call or email us for an estimate!