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Techotel Positive Service
We are committed to always provide a positive, fast and efficient service to our customers. Always be polite, positive and helpful.

We work with internal monitoring systems and the mission to make sure that our customers always have a positive experience when contacting us.

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Phonesupport 24 hours
An important part of our service concept is our phone support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Updates and new releases 
Continuous program updates are included in the license agreement. Our customers always receive the latest version of the system at no extra cost. 

Operational Info
If you experience problems with Picasso, visit our website. By clicking on OPERATIONAL STATUS box on the right, you can always see the current operating status of any ongoing issue.

Self Help Systems

We attach great importance on making the service of the Techotel system meet the highest demands in an industry where business is conducted around the clock and all year round.

Our service concept is based on the idea that our customers as much as possible can help themselves, so that the most ‘critical’ parts of the system work, even after a possible operational failure.
Thanks to built-in security, you will lose no information once it has been stored.
Also see our FAQ for answers to your questions before you call.


Quick guide to telephone lines

9 am to 12 pm (Irish time)
System Error: Contact support – Free!
Help for operating the system: Contact support – Free!
Tel . +353 96 22907 – or the direct number to the employee.

12 am to 5 pm (Irish time)
System Error: Contact the support – Free!
Help for operating the system: contact support -€130 -/hour.
Tel . +353 96 22907 – or the direct number to the employee. 

Outside office hours
System Error: Contact the Hotline – Free!
Help for operating the system: Hotline – €250 -/hour
Tel . +45 29 25 01 01