Influence and sparring

At Techotel we strive to be a partner to our customers rather than a supplier.

Professional sparring

Our organisation was established in 1981 in Denmark and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Ireland and we have approximately 40 employees.
With our years of experience we know more than most about the development of technical solutions for hotels, conference-and holiday centers.

Our booking, sales and marketing system, Techotel Picasso, has for several years been the Best selling system in Scandinavia. More than 700 hotels, resorts and conference centers have Techotel as a partner using one or more of our products every day. 

Use our knowledge

Our experience can help you. Use us as your own development department. We can advise you on your daily routines and in consideration of new initiatives and ventures

in the continuous development and improvement of the system

We are in close daily contact with our clients regarding their changing development needs.
We have Scandinavia’s largest development department, where we invest about 2 million dollars a year. Our clients get all development results at no additional cost in the form of upgrades. 
Our customers’ needs greatly determine the developmental direction of Picasso.

User meetings

Once a year Techotel hold user meetings for all our clients. 
At these meetings you can share experiences, questions and information about new features. Additionally you are able to request new features and funcionalities in Picasso and Appetite.
The needs and ideas expressed here are the basis of the development plans at Techotel.


In addition to this once a year our customers hold their own ‘Experience exchange meetings’ also known as ‘Erfa-meetings’.
The Customer Group handle invitations and participation themselves.

Please Contact us at if you want to learn more about user- and experience meetings.