RateBook now has 2 commission-free online channels.

RateBook offers you the best opportunity to boost your bottom line with 2 commission-free channels: the hotel’s own online booking and Google Free Booking Links.
With the new EU regulations, hotels are even allowed to compete with channels on price, and with Google Free Booking Links, this becomes evident for guests searching for rooms online.

Many of our users have already discovered the advantage of incorporating Picasso Digital’s RateBook into their daily work routine.

RateBook provides a better overview of both prices and availability simultaneously, enhancing upselling opportunities, and saving time for the user.

Now, Ratebook also offers 2 channels through which rooms can be sold online: Online booking (ONL24) and Google Free Booking Links.

Every day, thousands of potential guests, both domestic and international, search for hotels on Google. Initially, hotels are presented with their name and contact information. However, if implemented by the hotel, Google can also display hotel prices for a given period.

At the top right of the screen, sponsored prices are presented – those who have paid Google, such as major booking channels. But hotels themselves also have the option to use Google’s ‘Free Booking Links’, displayed below the sponsored links. Picasso Digital has the integration needed for this.

The new EU regulation naming the channels as gatekeepers, has rendered their clauses preventing hotels from competing on price illegal. This could potentially be a game-changer, particularly regarding utilisation of Free Booking Links. Now, the hotel’s own booking link can compete with the channels’ links on price.


In RateBook, you can oversee all your prices and availability in relation to each other. In the example on the left, you can see 5 columns of room sales that you can open and close for sale.

When users are presented with a easily comparable list of prices and booking links, the cheapest price will naturally have strong visibility and appeal. Additionally, the hotel’s own booking link is equipped with an ‘Official website’ badge, which can enhance the user’s confidence in using the link.

One-time setup fee

AK Techotel is the hotel’s connectivity partner for Google Free Booking Links. This means that we ensure Picasso Digital can technically deliver and update your prices to Google dynamically, so they can be presented to potential guests.

Currently, we do not invoice for this ongoing service once the setup is done. The setup takes approximately 3 hours for our consultant to complete, which is invoiced at our normal hourly rate.
A one-time investment that may prove to be well worth it.

Contact Noha via email or phone if you would like to learn more about Google Free Booking Links.