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  1. Techotel is committed to begin the error correction not more than 4 hours after the error is reported. In a case where the telephone line is engaged, please recall. You are entitled to receive help within 4 hours.
  2. If the error is minor and the system still operates in general, please wait until the office opening hours, as other hotels might need more urgent help at this moment.
  3. Techotel’s employees are always committed to be polite, positive and helpful.
  4. When a new staff member is employed in the hotel, the hotel needs to acquaint them with the Techotel Positive Service Agreement.
  5. The condition for Techotel to solve the technical problem is that the hotel staff as a minimum:
    • Know where the Picasso server is placed,
    • Have the admin log-in and password (e.g. in an envelope at an agreed place),
    • Are able to carry out a shut-down of the Picasso server without assistance from Techotel.


  1. The Service Agreement does not cover training related to operating the system.
  2. The hotel is responsible for its employees to be well acquainted with the system.
  3. As an extra service, a free of charge helpline for operating the system is offered between 8am and 4pm, provided that a consultant is available at this time. It is advisable to send an email to
  4. If facing difficulty in operating the system out of office hours, it is first recommended to ask for help internally in the hotel. Hotline will also be available but, in case the call is not related to a technical error in Picasso or other products delivered by Techotel, the call will be charged EUR 250.
  5. Techotel is committed to evaluate the situation carefully before invoicing for user help given through Hotline. Payment is required to keep the hotline open and the support line available, thus being able to render a Positive Service to hotels with an acute need.

Monday – Thursday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Tel office hours  096 22918
Tel hotline  +45 29 25 01 01