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about Picasso Digital

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What is Picasso Digital?

Picasso Digital is an all-in-one management system – a so-called PMS, specially adapted to the hotel industry. Picasso Digital includes systems for keeping track of bookings, planning, restaurant, checkout, staff, finances, statistics, marketing and much more.

Picasso Digital is available in 3 variants, Pro, Light and Domino (hotel chains) depending on the hotel’s size.

Picasso Appetite is the name of Picasso Digital’s restaurant and cashier module.

How much does it cost?

Picasso Digital is built in modules and can be adapted to your specific business.

The price of the basic module depends on the number of rooms or rooms according to the idea ‘Small hotels, small prices’.

Call +(353) 09622907 or write to to get an offer.

Can Picasso Digital communicate with the
we already use?

Picasso Digital is integrated with several other systems:

  • GDS reservation systems and online via XML
  • Telephone billing, opening / closing, wake-up and cleaning
  • TV system charging, opening / closing and child lock
  • Dankort, Visa, Alfire and 3C
  • Banking systems for deposit transfer
  • Key card systems: Wingcard, Tesa, Salto, Timelox and others.
  • Fax systems
  • Project management
  • E-invoice
  • Saber
  • many more..

If you are in doubt about whether we can interface your particular systems, write to us at

See a list of our current integrations here.


What about future development?

IT is constantly evolving and new systems are emerging and disappearing all the time.

AK Techotel has existed since 1981 and has a large development department that is constantly working to fine-tune and further develop Picasso Digital.

We work with many of our customers to find new ways Picasso Digital can help make daily operation easier as well as keeping up with trends and standards, and predicting future oportunities and obstacles. 

Picasso Digital is the best-selling PMS in Scandinavia and you can have complete confidence in choosing Picasso Digital as it will continue to be the most up-to-date PMS system.

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