Then we can help you!

At Techotel we have a lot of experience with which hardware is the best to run our software. You can take advantage of this if you order your hardware through us.


Check-in stand with key delivery

Would you like to send the reception home early and know for sure that your guests get checked in correctly?

Then consider the VIP stand which is physically placed at the hotel and lets the guest check in via the touch screen and hands out a key card to the room.

Payment terminals

The easiest is the acquire all of it at the same place. We therefore also offer payment terminals with full integration to Picasso.

Tablets for fast task

This can be used in the restaurant, checklists for cleaning, or other tasks that would be beneficial to perform on a tablet, such as an ipad. They are fast, easy to carry around and take up less space than a laptop.

Please call or email us to get an estimate price about what you need in terms of hardware.


Alistair Brown
Country manager
tel. +(353) 09622907