We provide a complete and thorough training program, that is bespoke to your requirements.

While Picasso is an amazingly intuitive system, training allows you to get the most out of the system, allowing for a happier work place and more streamlined workforce.

At startup

A good beginning is half the battle
Training in the use of Picasso is a natural part of the installation and arranged individually with users.
Our consultant is on site and will work with management / key personnel to review the company’s workflow, business areas etc.. Our Consultant will advise on how the system is set up and how it can be used correctly. The consultant guides you through every entry of data and will be there as part of the startup.

During the installation period key personel at the hotel are trained in their respective areas, so they can help colleagues to start doing the different procedures. Everyone should feel safe when we leave.

We finish off with a follow-up day at the hotel where we review the new workflow, repair potential user errors and see if there is still room for improvement.

We follow up on installation with extra attention and we are available for all questions in the following month.


Training or refresher courses

Company courses to refresh your Picasso skills

Training for Picasso users can be individually adapted to user requirements. We arrange the courses at Techotel or at the hotel premises. Maximum 4 users and 2 subjects/day, as our consultant prepares in advance.

We arrange both general refresher courses or we can dive into specific areas of Picasso, you would like to have a better knowledge of. For example, our marketing management module or ERP system.

24 hour support

Help is at hand – around the clock

If you still have questions or insecurities about the procedures of the hotel or restaurant system, Techotel offers a free helpline at: 9:00 to 12:00 for all our customers. Here able consultants offer help and advice.

In crisis situations, please call our Hotline – 24 hours a day.
Read more about support here